Cambridge Capability Conferences (CCC) Call for Papers

Cambridge has been home to many people working on the Capability Approach. It has provided a vibrant and stimulating environment for lectures, conferences, PhD theses and research on human development from a capability  perspective. Early 'capability conferences' in Cambridge initiated in 2001 were characterised by in-depth discussions, time for exchanges and an intimate intellectual atmosphere where the participants were all part of  the same conversation. Some of us miss that intellectual depth often absent from big conferences. For this reason we decided to launch a series of annual conferences where people would have an opportunity to discuss their work in-depth, having one hour per paper and no parallel sessions.

For our first CCC we have invited Dr Gay Meeks to be the key-note speaker of the conference. She has been teaching the Capability Approach to generations of students and many of us would not be interested in the work of Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum were it not for her authoritative and stimulating lectures.

We invite people interested in presenting their work on the Capability Approach in this first small conference to take place at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge during 13-14 June 2016. Abstract (max 500 words) to be sent to Dr Flavio Comim (

Deadline: 31 March 2016. The best 12 papers will be selected by a commission formed by Dr Flavio Comim, Dr Shailaja Fennell and Dr P B Anand. Discussions are underway with Cambridge University Press about the possibility of putting together a book as a result of this conference.

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